Looking for the finest guitar lessons London has to offer? You are in the right place

At LMT Music Academy we work with outstanding guitar teachers for your guitar lessons in London! We've made it as easy as possible to access fantastic guitar teachers that are often hard to find.
Lady in red dress playing an acoustic guitar
Lady loving the electric guitar

Learn to master the correct habits from your first guitar lesson

You'll learn:
  • To pick correctly & develop speed
  • Guitar posture and ergonomics
  • To practice appropriately to make fast progress!
  • To fret your left hand correctly 
  • To play with others in a band
  • To produce a mind-blowing sound
  • Read a score properly
  • How to improvise beyond pentatonics!
  • The secrets of the guitar!

Learn to play the music that you love

Rock, metal, blues, jazz, classical & beyond ...

We know how important it is for you to play the music and genres that really inspire you. Our guitar teachers are versatile in many different styles of music and will help you make your musical dreams come true!

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boy standing with snare drum

Choose a guitar lesson or course that suits you and your pocket

Types of lesson or course:
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Guitar teachers with the right personality fit for you

Caring, friendly, and thoughtful.

Of course musical skill is important but it doesn't stop there.  Our guitar teachers should be personable, patient, caring human beings that truly have a passion for both teaching and people.

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Begin your guitar lessons in London today

We are professional musicians, performers and teachers that have been running successful music schools for years. We're not just a company or musical agency, we have a raw passion for music and teaching that hopefully shines through in our service.