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Highly motivated, organised, and excellent communicator

Nurturing students of all abilities in multiple styles!

Inspires creativity & excellence in music through teaching

Motivates students in performance & composition

About Christopher

Christopher is a passionate and ambitious guitar teacher specialising in various styles, including classical, jazz, blues, rock, metal, and acoustic guitar. With a track record of nurturing students of all ages and abilities, he inspires creativity and excellence in music.

Christopher's musical journey began with a BA Honours Degree in Creative Music and Technology from Brunel University. He further honed his expertise with a PGCE Secondary in Music from The Institute of Education, earning 90 Masters Credits. Seeking to advance his knowledge in composition and sound design for interactive media, he pursued a Master's in Fine Arts Degree in Professional Composition at Thinkspace Education, specializing in Game Music and Audio.

With a strong focus on teaching music theory, history, and performance, Christopher instills a passion for music in his students, motivating them to excel in performance, composition, and improvisation.

Outside the classroom, Christopher remains dedicated to music through his involvement in a covers band, regularly performing at weddings and events. He has also created video guitar lessons, teaching popular electric guitar solos and supplementary material for aspiring guitarists.

Beyond music, Christopher leads an active lifestyle as an avid gym enthusiast. He balances his professional pursuits with a rich social life, cherishing time spent with family and friends.

In summary, Christopher Lagos is a highly motivated, well-organised, and excellent communicator who profoundly influences the musical development of his students. With a diverse range of skills and a passion for music, he continues to inspire aspiring musicians under his guidance.

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Achievements &  qualifications

  • BA Honours in Creative Music & Tech - Brunel Uni
  • Master's in Fine Arts in Composition - Thinkspace
  • Specialisation in Game Music & Audio


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