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Discover your voice through self-exploration and awareness

Experience in composition/songwriting in addition to singing

About Emmi

Emmi is a passionate Finnish singing teacher, violist and composer with broad experience in classical and contemporary music.

She has played in various orchestras in Finland and Germany and sang in different projects, from solo gigs to choirs and ensembles.

At six, she started violin lessons in Finland, her first introduction to music, which developed her love for music!

She was in a music-oriented elementary school and high school, where she sang more and started taking singing lessons in my teens!

She focused more exclusively on singing during this time, which became her passion and life!

Emmi studied music and singing in Freiburg, Germany, at the University of Arts and Applied Sciences, specialising in pedagogic.

In 2021 she finished her MA at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance with distinction and was offered a creative coaching opportunity from film score composer Julian Marshall (ARCM, FHEA). She is currently working on a three-part work reflecting her MA research and gigging as a session vocalist and violist in London.

She is a passionate vocal teacher with six years of teaching experience. She loves encouraging her students to self-exploration and awareness of the voice. She enjoys teaching people at all levels and from all different musical backgrounds. Emmi always does her utmost to provide an encouraging and motivating learning environment for each student in every lesson!

By studying vocals with her, you will develop an excellent awareness of your voice.

You will work on all the technical aspects of singing in addition to helping you learn the music you love.

She genuinely believes in self-exploration and awareness of the voice. Her methodology is based upon you discovering aspects of the voice through awareness (and technique, of course).

Emmi would love to help you succeed in your vocal journey!

The key is simply to get started!

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Achievements &  qualifications

  • MA, Music Institute of Contemporary Music London
  • B.A. Music University of Arts Freiburg Germany
  • Debut single 'Marcin Nicklewicz' featured on BBC 6
  • Film Scoring Competition Score Relief 2021 London
  • VAARAPANDIS, duo project, producer & co-writer
  • Performances at Adrianos, London
  • Seven Purple Tigers, Zelt Music Festival


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