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Tailors instruction to students

Instructs in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese

Experienced with ABRSM/Trinity curriculum

Delivers a persistent 100% pass rate in exams

About Lily

Lily is a devoted and empathetic individual with a deep-seated enthusiasm for music and education. Her path commenced with a music degree from the Education University of Hong Kong, followed by her pursuit of a Master's Degree in Music Education at University College London. Lily further refined her piano expertise by achieving an ALCM in Piano from the London College of Music, laying a strong groundwork for her musical pursuits.

Leveraging her extensive expertise, Lily seamlessly integrates her educational know-how with her musical talents to devise an effective teaching approach. Having taught students across a diverse age spectrum, ranging from 3 to 60 years old, she tailors her instruction to cater to each student's unique abilities. Lily excels in delivering lessons based on the ABRSM/Trinity Syllabus, achieving an outstanding 100% pass rate for her students, particularly those preparing for piano or music theory examinations. Her steadfast support guarantees their readiness for these assessments.

Aside from her linguistic adaptability, as she is proficient in teaching in English, Mandarin, or Cantonese, Lily demonstrates her creative side during her leisure time by arranging and performing song covers.

Lily places a strong emphasis on establishing a solid groundwork in melody, encompassing methods, theory, and ear training. This empowers her students to explore their musical potential across a wide range of genres, including traditional, jazz, pop, and more. Her extensive and profound knowledge of music serves as a testament to her dedication to spreading the joy of music and education.

As a piano teacher, Lily is not only passionate but also dedicated to guiding students towards confidence in their musical journey. Through her teaching, she encourages them to explore and embrace their full musical potential.

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Achievements &  qualifications

  • Master's in music education
  • ALCM in piano
  • 100% Exam success
  • Multilingual teaching


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