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At a glance

Exceptional Versatility: Mariia excels in solo and ensemble.

Academic Excellence: Oxford Master, Kharkiv degrees.

Tailored Teaching: Adapts lessons for each student's growth

Cultural Fluency: Speaks English, Ukrainian, Russian

About Mariia

LMT Music Academy's piano instructor Mariia is a versatile and accomplished pianist with a deep passion for music and education. Her journey in music is underpinned by a strong academic foundation, starting with both a Bachelor and Master of Musical Art from Kharkiv National University of Art, where she specialised as a Chamber Ensemble Performer, Accompanist, Researcher, and Lecturer. Her commitment to furthering her musical expertise led her to an Assistant-Internship Programme in Piano, culminating in a prestigious Master of Studies in Music (Performance) from the University of Oxford.

Mariia brings over 8 years of experience as an ensemble player and more than 2 years as an accompanist, sharpening her skills in a variety of settings and winning all-Ukrainian and international competitions. This is complemented by her dedication of 10 years as a musical teacher, where she has successfully managed her teaching career and made significant contributions to the Dergachi Music School.

Her teaching philosophy is grounded in communication, teamwork, flexibility, and self-management, highlighting the development of these essential skills alongside musical proficiency. Fluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian, Mariia's ability to teach in multiple languages enhances her inclusivity, reaching a wide range of students. Her interests in psychology, dance, travel, and photography also enrich her teaching approach, bringing broader cultural and artistic perspectives into her lessons.

Mariia is committed to nurturing talent in students of all ages, tailoring her teaching methods to meet individual needs and ambitions, thus creating an environment of growth, confidence, and musical exploration across classical, modern, and contemporary genres. With her extensive performance experience and academic achievements, Mariia stands as a pillar of dedication and excellence in education at LMT Music Academy, eager to spread the joy and discipline of music to her students.

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Achievements &  qualifications

  • Oxford & Kharkiv: Strong foundation
  • 8+ Yrs Performance: Expert solo/ensemble
  • Teaching: Tailored approach
  • Wins: Contest victories.
  • Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.
  • Masterclasses: Led and attended globally
  • Collaborations: Played with renowned artists
  • Innovative Methods: Unique teaching techniques
  • Cultural Insight: Rich understanding from travels


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