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About Monika

LMT Music Academy's flute and piano teacher, Monika, is a highly accomplished musician, having graduated from the prestigious Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre under the tutelage of the renowned professor Algirdas Vizgirda.

Her passion for music has been a lifelong journey, and it was first sparked by performing. She has participated in various musical ensembles, including a flute quartet and numerous chamber assembles. Her musical talent and versatility also led her to be a member of a world-fusion jazz band, which allowed her to explore new styles of music and collaborate with musicians from different cultures and backgrounds.

Monika's dedication to her craft is not only limited to performance. She has a deep-seated interest in teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Monika understands the value of imparting her skills to students and takes pride in helping them achieve their musical aspirations.

Besides her academic achievements, Monika has also studied under Barbara Gisler-Haase and Vierri Botazzini, two world-renowned musicians. Monika's training with these distinguished teachers further honed her skills. It allowed her to learn new techniques and styles, making her a more versatile and well-rounded musician.

In conclusion, Monika's love for music has been a constant in her life, and her musical journey has taken her to various heights. Her passion for performing and interest in teaching has enabled her to become a well-respected and accomplished musician, inspiring many with her talent and dedication.

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Achievements &  qualifications

  • Expertise in flute & piano
  • Graduated from prestigious music academy
  • Studied with professor Algirdas Vizgirda
  • Numerous awards & accolades
  • Strives to improve skills & knowledge


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