The benefits of learning multiple instruments

By lmt-editorMarch 6, 2024
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Having skills in multiple areas of music isn't just a tiny advantage; it can elevate a musician from average to incredibly creative. 

Renowned artists such as Dave Grohl, PJ Harvey, Prince, and St. Vincent illustrate how playing various instruments adds a captivating dimension to music. 

This raises the question of whether one must achieve fame before learning many instruments or whether proficiency in numerous instruments contributes to success.

Fame is not a prerequisite for exploring the world of multiple instruments. Instead, proficiency in various instruments leads to success, enriching an artist's creative palette.

Now, let's explore why learning how to play different instruments is beneficial. Below are the advantages:

Woman playing drums while man playing guitar

Seeing music in a new way

Learning to play different instruments is like opening a treasure box full of good things for making music. It helps you see how all the sounds from different instruments can fit together nicely, so you can make songs that feel good to listen to, without any sounds fighting each other or being too much. It's about finding the perfect balance where every instrument adds something special to the song without taking over.

As you improve at playing many instruments, you also become more creative and flexible in making music.

This doesn't just mean you can switch between instruments easily.

It means you can take your musical ideas and make them work with any instrument, making your music richer and more interesting.

This journey makes you a better musician because you understand music more deeply and can create songs that really touch people's hearts.

Getting the hang of music theory

Imagine music theory as the essential building blocks for creating tunes – it's like learning the ABCs of making music. Starting your journey with the piano, which has a straightforward layout, is a great kick-off. However, delving into other instruments, such as guitars or drums, opens up a whole new world of understanding about how music pieces itself together. It's a bit like learning a language that lets you express yourself and connects you with fellow musicians.

As you explore different instruments, you notice unique aspects of how they contribute to the musical language. Each instrument has its unique way of speaking, and by adding them to your repertoire, you're expanding your vocabulary.

Just like mastering more words strengthens your language skills, grasping various instruments deepens your understanding of music. So, music theory becomes not just a set of rules but a tool that helps you communicate and collaborate with other musicians, making the language of music even more fascinating.

Rock band performing

Harmony in the band: walking in each other's musical shoes

Being skilled at various instruments is like having a special insight into what your bandmates go through. Each instrument comes with its own special quirks and challenges; by trying them out, you gain a deep understanding of what it feels like to play them. It's akin to stepping into someone else's shoes – an experience that brings the band closer and improves how well you work together.

This musical empathy enhances your teamwork and makes rehearsals and performances smoother. When you can appreciate the intricacies of each instrument, it's like speaking a common language with your fellow musicians.

You start noticing the tiny details that make a big difference, allowing the band to sync up effortlessly. So, learning different instruments isn't just about expanding your skills; it's about building a stronger musical connection within the band.

More music skills, more opportunities

Mastering various instruments in music isn't solely about aiming for fame. Many dedicated musicians put in much effort, playing at local events, recording their tunes, and even creating catchy jingles for the radio. Think of knowing different instruments as having a toolkit with various tools for different musical jobs.

When you're skilled in playing various instruments, you become a versatile musician, ready for whatever the music world throws at you!

It's not just about being useful; it's about being in demand because you can fit into different musical roles.

Maybe you're the person who adds a cool guitar riff to a song, or you're the one who lays down a smooth bass line. This versatility makes you valuable in the music scene, increasing your chances of getting noticed and getting involved in exciting musical projects. So, learning more instruments isn't just a path to fame; it's a way to open doors to diverse musical opportunities and experiences.

Woman playing guitar and man playing drums

Making music: quality matters

Knowing different instruments isn't just about creating computer-friendly music; it's about making tunes that shine during live performances. It involves understanding each instrument's unique strengths and composing music that sounds fantastic and is practical for real-life shows. In the digital music world, where intricate sounds can be easy to produce, this skill ensures that your music is creative and doable on stage.

Mastering various instruments is like being a chef who creates tasty recipes and ensures they can be flawlessly cooked in a bustling kitchen. This approach guarantees that your music doesn't just stay in the digital realm but translates seamlessly to live performances, turning every note into a testament to your musical artistry.

Working together: being a team player

Being good at different instruments isn't just about playing them; it's also about being a helpful team member in your music group. Your ability to play various instruments makes you a handy toolkit for your bandmates when things get a bit tricky. Whether it's guiding the group through changes in the music or giving a hand when someone forgets their part, your skills make the band work better together.

In the world of music, being a team player means more than just playing your own instrument. It's about understanding how all the different pieces fit together and being ready to support your bandmates. Your flexibility helps connect different musical parts, making the band sound great.

By being the person who can take on different roles, you become a key part of the team, creating a friendly and cooperative vibe that makes playing music together even more fun. In simple terms, being good at various instruments makes you a better musician and makes the band play together more smoothly.

Couple singing together

The ongoing adventure of learning music

Discovering how to play many instruments is like embarking on a never-ending journey full of exciting discoveries and constant learning. It involves facing new challenges, overcoming them, and experiencing a deep sense of satisfaction. As you explore the world of different instruments, you're not just playing music; you're transforming into a musical wizard equipped with a magical toolkit of skills.

This musical adventure offers continuous opportunities to broaden your horizons. Every instrument becomes a new chapter in your musical story, unveiling unique aspects and adding to your creative toolkit.

Embracing this ongoing journey means there's always something new to explore, ensuring that your passion for music remains fresh and invigorating. So, learning various instruments isn't just a skill; it's a thrilling and never-ending adventure that keeps your musical journey exciting and fulfilling.


Playing different instruments is like having a never-ending journey in music.

As you go on this musical journey, you become a bit like a musical wizard, always learning and finding new things. 

It's not just something you're good at; it's a continuous adventure that makes your love for music feel new and fun. 

So, whether you're playing with your band, creating cool tunes, or trying out new instruments, the melody of learning different ones makes your musical story special and timeless.

Are you prepared to start your musical journey?

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