The most important quality in a piano teacher

By lmt-editorJanuary 18, 2023
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The best piano teachers have a variety of qualities, but I'd like to focus on the most important of all. 

An excellent piano teacher will undoubtedly possess the following characteristics: 

1. He will be a graduate of a prestigious music university. 

This is an important consideration because you want to make sure you're studying with a piano teacher who knows everything there is to know about the instrument and can give you the best advice based on his personal experience. 

2. He will have extensive teaching experience. 

Pianists new to teaching are often unsure how to approach a piano student. When I first started a little more than 20 years ago, I didn't always know what the best methods would be, and I had a tendency to ask too much of my students. I used to struggle to adapt to their abilities and had unrealistic expectations. 

3. He will understand how to communicate his ideas and advice to his students. 

A great piano teacher will not only have brilliant ideas and a wealth of piano-playing experience. He will know how to find the right word and have the patience to pass on his extraordinary knowledge to his students in an easy-to-understand manner. 

4. He will be dependable. 

Reliability is essential because you must attend your piano lessons regularly to make any progress. It is inappropriate to study with a brilliant pianist who is only available once in a blue moon due to a busy performance schedule. To ensure consistency in your piano education, your piano teacher must be available every week. 

5. He will be able to correct his students intelligently without ever criticising or judging them. 

Kindness and understanding are essential if you want to enjoy your piano lessons. How could you learn if your piano teacher constantly criticised you and made you feel ineffective? When your performance isn't up to par, your piano teacher must be extremely patient and use the appropriate words. Disappointment is not a sign of a good teacher! 

6. He will employ a great deal of psychology. 

As I previously stated, your piano teacher must be able to use a great deal of psychology when telling you that you have not performed well. He must adapt to each of his students and become a chameleon to avoid offending you regardless of your mistakes. He should explain himself in a way that is appropriate for your personality to prevent you from losing courage and motivation. 

7. He will be able to adapt to your needs and current abilities

Some brilliant pianists and piano teachers prefer to teach advanced students and have little or no interest in teaching beginners. That is admirable, but I believe that an excellent teacher should be able to adapt to their student's abilities. They should always encourage them, even if their most recent progress is insignificant to a concert pianist. Each student should be treated individually, and even negative progress should be recorded. 

8. He will be approachable and will allow you to ask any questions you may have

Some pianists have unquestionably extraordinary knowledge and pianistic abilities. However, they dislike being questioned and become anxious if a student does not immediately understand their advice. Patience is, once again, an essential quality for a piano teacher. Getting tense when a student asks a question is not a good way to help them learn. On the contrary, this behaviour will make the students feel inferior and may cause them to stop playing the piano. 

9. He will teach piano in a beautiful setting

I believe that taking piano lessons in a beautiful setting will help you enjoy your lessons more. I am aware that some piano teachers conduct their lessons from their bedrooms or other inconvenient locations, which can be very uncomfortable for their students. I've always found music college studios to be quite clinical, and I don't think it's appropriate for those studying such a beautiful art. 

10. He will be well-versed in the repertoire

A good piano teacher will have such a knowledge of the repertoire that he will be able to select the right pieces at the right time as each student progresses at a different pace and encounters different difficulties. He will know how to select a piece that is appropriate for his students’ current level of ability, whether they need to improve their technique, understanding of interpretation, or sound production. 

11. He will be able to solve your technical or musical problems

A great piano teacher will always be able to answer all of your questions and solve any problems you may encounter. He will be able to quickly assess the situation and determine what steps to take to get you out of trouble. In other words, they could be compared to a magician who can instantly find a solution and turn a situation around! 

I am sure you could find other qualities that I have overlooked, but what do you believe is the most essential quality that I have overlooked? 

In my opinion, the ability to inspire his piano students is the most crucial quality in a piano teacher. If you genuinely have a great piano teacher, you should leave each piano lesson feeling like you have two wings on your back and are ready to climb the highest mountains. He should be able to share his enthusiasm for the instrument and his love of music. You should have the impression that you are eager to learn more and that beginning his piano lessons with him is the best thing that could have happened to you! 

I believe that in order to be considered exceptional, a piano teacher should possess these 11 qualities, and I am very happy for you if you can speak so highly of yours!

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